dr-withers-150x150As many of you know, November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. We talk a lot about treatment options once a pet has cancer, but there are things we can do to detect early warning signs so that we can prevent or treat this disease before our pets become symptomatic.

Here at Midlothian Animal Clinic, we have been invited to be one of a few clinics to use a program called the Pet Wellness Report. The report consists of a physical exam by one of our doctors, a complete blood count, comprehensive blood chemistry, urinalysis, thyroid hormone evaluation, and a feline leukemia virus/ feline immunodeficiency virus screen for cats or a heartworm test with tick borne disease screen for dogs. Then, you’ll get an access code to fill out an online questionnaire at home. Once the questionnaire is complete, it is combined with the lab results and exam findings to produce the most complete picture of your pet’s health. The report evaluates your pet’s health in five important areas: cancer, nutrition, heart disease, dental health and safety. Your pet’s personal report  is provided to you electronically and you can access it at any time. One of our doctors will call you to go over all results in detail, answer any questions you may have and provide recommendations if needed.

pwr-facebook-ad-150x150Because of our close relationship with partners in the lab and pharmaceutical industry, we are able to offer the Pet Wellness Report at a 33% savings over what the exam and lab work would normally cost. That makes the decision to act to protect your pet’s health even easier. Please call us today and we can set up an appointment to get started.