111117_mac_0110-300x199Your veterinarian is one of your dog’s best friends. But how does your dog feel about his visits to the vet?

Why does my dog hate the vet?

Dogs make associations with events and they can be good or bad. Most of the time when you take your dog to the vet it is the only time he is restrained for an examination.  They are not used to be in an enclosed room.  For small dogs they may need to get on an elevated table for examinations. Your dog may get uncomfortable in these strange situations because they happen so seldom. You can help your dog be more at ease by practicing this type of handling at home.

Playing vet with your dog.

Start off by gently handle their ears, look at their eyes, pick up their paws and rub your hands all over their bodies.  Start slowly and gradually add a very gentle amount of pressure until your exam resembles what your vet does.  Keep your handling sessions short – always stop before your dog becomes uncomfortable. You can do this just before they have their meals and then the food is their reward!

If that doesn’t work…

Another great idea is to take your dog to the vet’s office just to say hi!  Bring lots of healthy treats, keep it short, and make the visit fun!  This can help make your visits to the vet’s office more pleasant for everyone.