anxiety-pic-1-150x150Springtime usually brings warmer weather and lots of new puppies! New dogs are a joy to have around, but they present their owners with behavioral challenges such as chewing furniture or human belongings, excessive barking, and inappropriate elimination. That is why we, at Midlothian Animal Clinic, strongly recommend doing some basic obedience training with your new friend.

Basic obedience training is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your dog. Training helps to strengthen the bond between you and your pet by building understanding and mutual respect, as well as developing open communication to help solve problems that may arise down the road.

Here are a few more reasons training is important:

Dogs will be dogs- dogs are social animals and will behave like animals without proper training. They must be taught to redirect their natural behaviors to outlets that are acceptable in human households.
Trained dogs are happier dogs– a trained dog requires fewer restrictions and can be given more freedom. He may also receive more attention from people when trained because he will be a pleasure to be around.
Trained dogs are safer dogs- obedience training can help prevent accidents and tragedies. Dogs that have been taught to “sit”, “come”, and “heel” can usually be led out of dangerous or emergency situations.
Trained dogs are kept by their owners– statistics show that puppies who have received early socialization and training are far less likely to be turned over by their owners to a shelter.

Training can be fun and easy! Here are a few places that Midlothian Animal Clinic recommends for dog training:

Basic Manners Graduation

  • K9 Consultants with Jemi Hodge (804) 594-0731
  • Holiday Barn (804) 794-5401
  • K9 Tutor with Joyce Sobey (804) 513-4405 We host her puppy classes seasonally in our front yard area!
  • Richmond Dog Obedience Club (804) 278-9032