animal-251542The weather has changed and shorter days can mean less exercise for your dog as darkness pulls us back inside our house quicker than in the warm summer months. So what can you do to keep your dog happy and exercised!

Teach your dog something new!

How about tricks? Make a commitment to teach your dog at least one new trick this winter. Working on it a little bit every day will work your dog’s brain, and that’s a very tiring thing for your dog. The type of trick can depend on your dog.

Is he a retriever?  

He can learn to fetch more than just balls and sticks – he can learn to retrieve most anything. What would you like your dog to bring to you? The newspaper? Your keys? His Leash?

This isn’t no retriever!

Maybe your dog has no interest in retrieving. Most all dogs love to have their tummy rubbed.  You can teach your dog to show you his tummy on command! And if you really want to keep it simple, let your dog use his nose to find treats you’ve hidden around the house or even in the yard. Teach him to go search on command!

All of these simple tricks can be done in short training sessions – even during commercials! They require your dog to do some problem solving and that is tiring for him.  If you start now, you will be ready to show off your dog’s new performance in the spring when everyone comes back outside!

Not sure how to start? Call K9 tutor at 804-513-4405 – we can show you!