midlothian animal clinic makes the following pledge to our patients, clients and team members:

To Our Patient:
You are our number one Priority
We will provide the best medical care we can to you
We will provide wellness & preventative care to increase the length & quality of your life
We will handle you gently & keep you clean & comfortable
We will do everything we can to eliminate or lessen your pain & discomfort

To Our Client:
Thank you for entrusting your pets care to us
We will value your time & welcome your call & visit
We will be cheerful, friendly, & respectful in every contact with you
We will do all that we can to enable you to provide the best care for your pets
We will listen to your concerns & do all we can to help you
We will keep you informed about your pets health & medical condition
We will continue to learn about medical advances which will benefit your pets
We will utilize the most up to date equipment to care for your pets
We will dispense medications & products that we know are safe & efficacious
We will educate you in the care of your pets

To Our Team:
You are our most valuable resource
We will value the role that each team member plays
We will appreciate your dedication to the profession of veterinary medicine
We will treat each other with respect
We expect each of us to seek ways to exceed expectations in patient & client care
We encourage continued education in our field
We will help you to achieve your goals