ecards-christmas_pets_3-13-300x238Are you thinking of getting a new puppy for Christmas? Nothing is cuter than a puppy!

Get a smart start!
Be sure to get him off to a good start with a wellness visit at the Midlothian Animal Clinic. Puppies are not little humans in a fur suit. Canines have very specific development periods.
Knowing how to take advantage of these opportunities can help your puppy grow into a wonderful adult dog that is welcome on outings with your family and friends.

Beware the germs!
You need to protect your puppy from exposure to diseases until their vaccinations kick in, but there is a lot your dog will be learning in the meantime. The most important aspect of puppy training is socialization and there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Learn the right way to train your puppy regarding biting, housetraining, jumping, as well as other typical behaviors you see in puppies. And keep in touch with your veterinarian to maintain the health of your new family member.

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