One of the most common complaints our veterinarians hear during wellness visits is “My pet is fat, and I don’t even feed them very much!” Many loving pet owners will struggle with weight problems in their pet;  the dreaded “Battle of the Bulge.”  In fact, according to the Pet Obesity Prevention Association, over 50% of the pet population is overweight!  This statistic is troubling given that even a small amount of excess weight can lead to serious health problems if not corrected.

Here at Midlothian Animal Clinic, we have had our own weight loss battle with one of our beloved resident cats, Mona. She has always been a sturdy cat, but over the years she really started putting on weight. We looked at her blood to make sure there was no medical reason for her weight gain, and tried many different prescription weight loss diets, but they were little to no help. Then the doctors learned about a new choice, Hill’s Metabolic Diet, which works by resetting the animal’s metabolic response to support healthy weight loss.  We decided it couldn’t hurt to try it out on Mona!

Weigh Ins

mona-measurement-pic-150x150Before starting the diet, we weighed Mona and measured her according to the specific Hill’s guidelines. She loved that part.  Next, we logged on to a specialized Hill’s website where we entered her measurements, discovered her body fat index score and received her personalized weight loss plan.  Hill’s provides specific information about how much food to feed initially and how to adjust this amount as the pet loses weight. Best of all? There are treats to go along with the food  so Mona could feel like she was getting even more than usual!

Mona’s Success

When Mona started her diet on February 7, she weighed in at a whopping 13.3 pounds! We divided her daily allotment of food into three meals in addition to her treats, so she didn’t feel deprived. We checked her weight every Thursday to monitor her progress. Within a few short weeks we began to notice a difference in her appearance and activity level. By May 30 Mona reached her ideal weight of 11.4 pounds!

mona-fat-pic-150x150We have continued Mona’s weekly weigh ins to monitor her progress.  So far, so good! Mona’s activity level has increased dramatically, and she seems happier, and we know she is healthier.

As always, please give us a call with any questions or if you would like to know if your pet is a candidate for this new diet.

For more information on the diet click here