bulldog-300x252“Trick or Treat” is a common cry we hear during this time of the year especially on Halloween. It is an exciting time of year when we enjoy decorating yards with gravestones and decorating ourselves (and sometime our pets) with varied costumes. But like most other holidays that bring us joy, or in this case a fright, Halloween has some dangers pet owners need to be wary of.  And I’m not talking about the ghost or pirate that knocks on the front door.

Let’s look at a few pet hazards present during Halloween.

pumpkin31-221x300Jack-O’-Lanterns & Other Halloween Decorations

They might provide a fun way to light the stairs of the front porch, but Jack-O’-Lanterns can be a fire hazard if knocked over by a frisky fido.  While pumpkin isn’t poisonous to our pets, they can cause an upset stomach, so it’s best to keep them out of pets reaches.

Twinkling lights, streamers, and artificial spider webs are all tempting play toys for our cats and dogs.  Strangulation can occur should a pet become tangled in these decorations or if they are swallowed.

Trick or Treaters

We all enjoy the color and glitzy of Halloween night, the costumes, the candy, the general cheer and revelry.  Unfortunately these same things can be terrifying to our pets.  The constant noise of  the doorbell and the strange looking, frequently loud children can cause panicked pets to bolt through your open front door. So pets should be kept apart from the rest of the house, in a clam peaceful room, to eliminate the stress of this night and reduce the risk of a run away pet.


Candy poses the greatest threat to our pets on Halloween. Not only are certain types of candy poisonous to our pets, just like with our children, wrappers pose a choking danger to small mouths.

Chocolate is a common danger during this holiday. The higher percentage dark chocolate, the more toxic to our dogs and cats. Other candies may contain artificial sweeteners such as Xylitol which is also can cause health issues.

While these are only a few of the dangers during the holiday, make sure to prevent a true scare by keeping pumpkins, decorations, and candy out of reach of our furry friends.