600338_432156126868417_1400691906_n-300x154Come join the staff of Midlothian Animal Clinic and me for a very special event- a Puppy Party! On March 25, 2013 from 6-7 pm, we will be hosting our first party just for puppies!

A Puppy Party! What is that?

During the puppy party your pup will have supervised play time with other puppies interspersed with mini training breaks so that your puppy can focus on you. I will be helping you to understand life from a puppy’s point of view. We will also initiate some very basic skills such as SIT and COME.

Why Is Socialization at this Age So Important?

2-16 weeks of age is a very special time in the development of your puppy. This is their socialization period. Puppies during this age are most accepting of new situations. Later, the introduction of new environments can be more confusing for your young dog.

This is a great opportunity to expose your puppy to the sights and smells of the veterinary clinic in a fun and positive manner. It is also a wonderful opportunity for your dog to meet other breeds and to understand that not all dogs look alike and that’s ok!

Enough Already! How Do I Sign Up?screen-shot-2013-03-18-at-10-26-42-pm-300x266

Pre-registration is required. You can pick up a registration form at the front desk of our office.

The Puppy Party will be held indoors in a secure environment with lots of supervision. The attending staff of Midlothian Animal Clinic and myself will be available to answer any questions you might have about training or health issues.

It promises to be a very special evening for you and your puppy, so please come join us!